"From Aula to Viro"

– the beginning of the route is Aul of Khan Omurtag, passes through the villages of Khan Krum, Troitsa, Osmar and ends over the village of Dragoevo in the locality of Viro (look the map);

"Rock Monasteries"

– Kalugerski Rock Monastery, ''Kiliata'' - Han Krum village, Rock Monastery "Momina Skala" - village of Troitsa, “Monasteria "," Kostadinovski "/" Okoto "," Podkovata "," Dry Cave "," Derekliata "," The Rocks Monastery "- Kalugerski Rock Monastery, - Osmar village;  (look the map)

"Charge the batteries"

– start from the village of Troitsa - fortress "Bobata" (look the map) - "The big Maara" (energy place) - "Review" fountain - village Osmar - end of the route.

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