Osmar is one of the most ancient Bulgarian settlements in the whole Shumen region with its remarkable location, natural features and history. Archaeological finds testify to the lives of old civilizations in these lands. Prehistoric settlement in “Karabalar” locality from the Stone-Copper Age, Thracian and Medieval settlement in "Three brothers" area, Thracian fortified village in “Bobata” area from 4th-3 rd century BC. At the beginning of the Osmarsky Boaz, there are traces of a late antique and Thracian settlement called "Zelenigrad" in the Middle Ages, and this beautiful and majestic city stretched to the village of Khan Krum.

The Romans, the Thracians and the Bulgarians living on these lands have always been above all and everything. Deep traditions and good property status have been created. Proclaimed along with viticulture and wine making, cherries, harvesting and leather.

Known as the "Capital of The Pellin" both in Bulgaria and abroad, the village produces from time immemorial a bitter-sweet magic named "Osmarski Pellin". The legend tells that when Khan Krum ordered the vines to be eradicated, he retains only the private planting in the area. The local people claim that the superb qualities of today's wormwood were achieved with the recipe and technology preserved since the time of the First Bulgarian Coutry. There is almost no house in the village of Osmar, which does not produce this potion, by placing row of charts, a row of selected herbs. Here, for the first time in Bulgaria, is made champagne, enterprising vineyard acquires the French recipe and begins production. For the sparkling wine from the Plovdiv Exhibition a silver medal is preserved in the village. In 1908 a mysterious "Oldsmobile" appeared, in 1934 the local bachelors walked with bowls and the "teenage girls" put even the urban girls in their pockets. In 1929, with their own resources, they supplied the village with water and had sewerage. Germanists built the system, all pipes were imported. The Mannenheim fire-extinguishing cranes, located 12 locations around the village, are still in operation. It was only here and in New York. The houses in Osmar still have a unique architecture unique to the area, called Osmarski Baroque, beautiful two-storey buildings with rich ornamentation, stone walls and large well arranged yards and high verandas with abundant grapes.

In 2009, Osmar receives the seal "Unique European Settlement" for ancient historical and cultural heritage, as well as unique natural landscapes.
Nature around Osmar has a wide variety of plants and animals. Here is also the natural area of ​​a swamp snowdrop declared protected area in the red book of Bulgaria in 1979.
Prophet Vanga has defined the energy field above the village as the fourth in power in the country after the Rupite, Tsarichina and Madara. At the bottom of the Osmarska Boaz are built large rock blocks with interesting forms forming an impressive monastery complex, including Kostadinov Rock Monastery with Okoto, Dry Cave, Direkliyata and Podkovata. Most of them are connected with The Second Bulgarian Kingdom, when there were monks who were clergy-bishops who were devoted to God and led a silent way of life.
Some of the prominent figures associated with the history of Osmar are: the voivoda Andrey Kraev-Kray Andrey - the last haydutin who acted on the Shumen region; Kina Todorova - an educated and public figure, mayor; Opera Prima Nina Varbanova; folk singer Sonya Kancheva; Ognyan Ganchev - Paralympian.
Traditional feasts for the village are: Konstantin and Elena, Little Vinariya, Trifon Zarezan.
In the village of Osmar you can visit the church "St. St. Konstantin and Elena ", Ethnographic Museum, “Consciousness -1882” Community center, library. Guests can dance to the rhythm of folk music together with the dance group "Ismaros" and "Osmar cheers". Do not miss wine tasting, stay and taste local dishes in guest houses.

Whoever has come to this end has a need to come back again and again to recharge, to blend with nature, to feel the Bulgarian spirit!  

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