The village of Dragoevo is a very old village, one of the biggest villages in Veliki Preslav Municipality. Under this name is recorded in the Turkish records of 1620-1621. According to a legend, Dragoevo has moved several times because it was burned down. Probably the village was built as a passage village, located on the so-called Constantinople Road (Stambolyolu). In this area there is a boisterous life, openly a Thracian settlement, citadels, coins of Alexander of Macedon, Lyzimah - The Thracian king of 306 BC, a tile with a Thracian horseman, holding a shield in his hand. There are clear traces of the Roman road, which takes you through the Balkan. There is a prehistoric settlement that returns us earlier in the centuries to the Stone Age and a small mound known as “Yalamova Mogila” from The Eneolith. From time immemorial, vineyards are grown here and wonderful wines are prepared.
The Dragoevo Mountain is the main natural habitat of species protected from extinction, included in the Red Book of Bulgaria - Urumovo tulip and Wild Carob. The area has exceptionally beautiful scenery, and not by accident, after leaving his son on the throne, Prince Boris retires to St. Panteleimon Monastery, which is in the immediate vicinity.

 The village of Dragoevo is famous for its unique dialect, along with The Shopp is one of the most interesting and still alive spoken: “Daughter-in-law, go to the basement: in the niche in the wall, under the handkerchief, is the pepper, bring it to me!”

Dragoevo is a village that has kept its spirit. One of the values ​​of the village is the houses that have kept old memories. One of the oldest houses in the village is Pencho Markishki. The most exciting thing is that this house was visited several times by the Revivalist Vasil Drumev (1840-1901). He visited the village for the Sunday services he held in the church "St. Petka" in Dragoevo. The story of the first novel that writes "Unhappy Family" is based on stories and happenings from the village.

The traditional festival is celebrated in the last Sunday of October. It was once at Petkovden. But as Petkovden changes its date, the festival was moved in the last Sunday. For the centuries-old tradition of the folk, one folk song speaks: "Let's go to Divdyadovo for Ilinden and to Dragoevo for Petki (Petkovden). From the Dragoevski collection, they must send with traditional dessert plum food and roasted pumpkin.

Customs: "Wedding Bridge", "Dragoevsky Wedding Tradition", "Dragoevsky Spring Evenings" held on 5, 6 and 7 of May.

Significant personalities: Doncho Penchev Valchev -  artist,  painting, graphics, graphic design; Georgi Lungov - public figure, painter; Belcho Krustev -  philologist, researcher; Acad. Petur Dimov – painter; Toni Topalov - folklore singer.

The guests of the village can feel the Bulgarian spirit; make their senses full of beauty, listening to the songs of the birds under the light breath of the Dragoevski Balkan!

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