under the project "Living Communities for Living Villages - The Devetashko Plateau Shares Recipes for Successful Rural Development"

The aim of the project was to enrich the tourism supply in the area of the villages - Osmar, Troitsa, Khan Krum and Dragoevo, by renovating the available and building new facilities and routes:

  • We have made three tourist routes:

             - From Aula to Viro - the starting point of the journey is the Palace of Khan Omurtag, the route also passes through the villages of Khan Krum, Troitsa, Osmar and the destination is the village of Dragoevo in the Viro locality (see the map);

             - "Rock Monasteries" - Kalugerski Rock Monastery - Khan Krum village, Rock Monastery / Momina Skala - Troitsa village, Monastery, Kostadinovski / Rock phenomenon Okoto, Kiliata, Dry Cave, Derekliata- village of Osmar;

            - "Charge batteries" –the starting point is Troitsa village - fortress Bobata (see the map) - the big Maara (energy site) -Review fountain - Osmar - end of the route.

  • We have made recreation areas: 4 pavilions along the tourist routes and 8 benches overlooking the view.
  • We have installed plates: 4 information plates with a map of the area and routes, interesting places and sights for visiting, which have been located in the following villages: Osmar, Troitsa, Khan Krum and Dragoevo; 8 plates containing information on the specific route and maps; 6 plates containing information and legends on the specific site (natural, cultural and historical); 50 signposts / arrows /.

The project was implemented with the support of theVeliki Preslav Municipalityand Devetashko Plato Association and the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

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  Address: с. Осмар 9879,                      ул."Васил Коларов" 49      


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