"I found the paradise of Bulgaria" 

so an outspoken peasant went with a group of people from the Pirin region seeking a place to settle through the drought in 1950

Since the old inhabitants have been remembered, there was abundant water in the village. And today there are more than 10 street fountains and many wells with clear and stunning cold water. The most impressive is the "Troyan Spring" coming under the Momina Skala itself. It is said that there were dozens of mills and marshes built here on the Troïka River, attracting people from near and far.



The Troitsa Boaz has jealously kept the secrets of centuries of the two rock monasteries. One rises above, like a 15m guard from the ground in the pass and bears the name "Mamil Tash" or "Momina Skala". It clearly shows the openings of long-abandoned monastic cells. The other is known as “The Monastery”, and here spiritual life is partly reflected in rock charts and images.


In the region of "Momina Skala" is found an Old Bulgarian Ktitor's inscription. Given for a research to Prof. K. Popkonstantinov, it was made by two masters in 1263-1264. The inscription is dedicated to the church of St. Nicholas and St. Martyr Andrea, the main person in the text is the Preslav Metropolitan Sava, as well as Tsar Konstantin Asen Tih, queen Irina and The Patriarch of Turnovo Joakim II.                                                                                                                                                                               The Community center in the village is active. A library and an ethnographic museum have been discovered. The Holy Spirit is the greatest feast of the Trinity. There is also a generous joy at Enyovden.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Today Macedonians, Thracians, Shops and Turks live and work together, together, keeping the Bulgarian traditions alive.

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