under the project "Living Communities for Living Villages - The Devetashko Plateau Shares Recipes for Successful Rural Development"

The aim of the project is image and product presentation of the new tourist destination "Zelenigrad" through marketing and advertising products. They were to be visualized in a suitable, captivating and modern way to the final beneficiary - the tourist.

             We  have created:

  • A logo of Zelenigrad Association based on finds in the region, grapes / wine and natural resources.
  • A map of the area depicting the four villages, respectively with their settlements, roads, tourist routes, sights, interesting places to visit, with GPS coordinates, a QR code.
  • An Internet site that contains information about the Association, the area, description of the sights and attractions with GPS coordinates, routes, accommodation, events, news, pictures.
  • Promotional materials.

The project was implemented with the support of theVeliki Preslav Municipality and Devetashko Plato Association and the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

Contact us:

  Address: с. Осмар 9879,                      ул."Васил Коларов" 49      


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